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How to Change your IP Address Location

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Changing the location of your IP address is usually a matter of surfing through a remote relay IP, so that websites you visit see that relay's IP and not your own. To change your IP address to a particular location simply means using or setting up a relay in that particular location.

There are two types of relay servers: proxy and VPN.

Free, paid, and do-it-yourself options are available, and all are discussed on the homepage. Just click on your device/browser at the top of that page, and then look for the "proxy" and "vpn" relay options.

Change your IP address to the UK or US

Getting an IP address in the United Kingdom or United States requires using or setting up an IP relay in the particular country you're interested in. For example, the test settings provided on the homepage will change your IP address location to the US (California to be precise). If you'd like to try changing your IP to the UK, try these settings instead:

Proxy IP:
Port: 8231

Just replace the settings on the homepage with those above. You can then confirm the change of location by surfing to a site like

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Please note that if you are setting up your own IP relay, I am unable to help troubleshoot due to the time involved. I would suggest searching online for the error/issue you're experiencing. If necessary, you could get help on a site like,,, etc. Setting up a vpn/proxy is a pretty simple matter for most web developers, Linux admins, etc.

Please do let me know if you find any errors on the site, and I'll get them corrected ASAP.

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